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Kelex, International Bestselling Author

“CL-Proofing has always responded with professionalism and done excellent work in the many translation proofreading jobs I have sent their way. They always go the extra mile—at a very reasonable rate—and it’s always greatly appreciated.” (Feb. 2022)

NJ Lysk, Author

“CL-Proofing offers a reliable proofreading. They are going over projects in multiple modalities (reading, listening to the audio) to ensure the highest quality. They have got an ear for a phrase that sounds a bit off and always offers beautiful alternatives. Plus, and this is not small in German, they have an eye for commas! Highly recommended.” (March 2022)

Erin Hayes, International Bestselling Author

“I trust the proofreading of all my German translations to CL-Proofing. She's fast, professional, and collaborates with my translator to get the final product to be the best it can be. I can't recommend the service of CL-Proofing enough.” (April 2022)

Sloane Kennedy, International Bestselling Author

“I’m fortunate enough to have CL Proofing as a proofer for my German translations. Their work is thorough, professional and prompt. The best part is that I believe they truly cares about making sure my books are a success in the German marketplace and I know I can go to their whenever I need some advice or assistance.” (May 2022)

Crista Crown, International Bestselling Author

“Absolute five star service! She has been a reader of mine for a long time, and when I sent her my first translation into German, she caught so many book-specific things that my translator was not aware of. Her attention to detail is immaculate, and her communication is always on point. I never have to wonder what state my project is in, because she always communicates clearly where things stand.” (August 2022)

Casey Morales, International Bestselling Author

“I have worked with CL-Proofing on several translations and would proudly recommend them to any author wishing to enter the German market. I had no idea how challenging and detailed the translation process was when I started, and they graciously held my hand through all of it. My author business and brand are experiencing strong growth in Germany in large part because of the professionalism and thoroughness of the team of CL-Proofing. I am a five-star fan.”
(January 2024)

Christina Eschbacher, Translator

“Well, I have to be honest, as a German translator, I've worked with quite a few proofreaders, but CL-Proofing's work really surpasses everything and everyone—no exaggeration!
She is more than accurate, knows what she is talking about, consults with me about changes (which are always appreciated), and has helped me more than once.
In the past, when new authors asked me if I could recommend a proofreader, I often couldn't recommend one because I wasn't happy with most of my own ones. With CL-Proofing, this problem is definitely a matter of the past.
Anyone who needs more than half-hearted proofreading and is looking for the cherry on top of the sundae is in the right place with CL-Proofing!” (July 2022)

Marijke Kirchner, Aberdream Media

“CL-Proofing are a pleasure to work with. They're tech savy, reliable, easy and quick to communicate with, take the initiative whenever there's new developments within the industry and gather information they pass on to their core translators. Their feedback is always valuable and constructive, and their turnaround time on editorial jobs is otherworldly. They never miss a deadline.” (March 2022)

Hannah Kurz, Translator

“CL-Proofing has proofread and also edited many of my translations and they are hands down the best proofreader and editor I have ever worked with. They are reliable, fast and thorough and their work ethic is second to none. Their dedication and passion for their work are unmatched and it shows.” (March 2022)

Blake Allwood, International Bestselling Author

“As a self-published author making the decision to invest in translated manuscripts is significant. From the moment I began working with CL-Proofing, I had the supports I needed to ensure my translations were as high quality as my English versions. ” (June 2024)

Hawke Oakley, International Bestselling Author

“CL Proofing does all my German translations! Her close attention to detail, easy communication, and helpful service made my books the best they can be. My German releases are smooth and easy knowing CL Proofing has given me a fantastic translation!" (June 2024)